Noyafa Launched Hand Held Forehead Thermometer

Posted on: June 01,2022

The Thermometer measures the Heat & Hands Fridababy temperature ,Glass ,Water temperature and another Liquid temperature.

Noyafa's new forehead thermometer GP100, with streamlined body design, ergonomic design, body polishing process, simple and comfortable to hold, easy to clean. Using high-precision imported sensors, the sensitive "U"-shaped temperature probe measures more accurately with an error of 0.1 °C. It takes 1 S to display the body temperature value, and it can continuously measure multiple people without contact. Equipped with a three-color backlight large-screen LED display. Green light, orange light, red light. The color of the LED display can easily judge whether the question is normal, and it is easy to know what your body temperature belongs to.




This forehead thermometer can absorb near-band infrared light of 0.76 μm - 100 μm, because the human body contains 9 μm -13 μm of energy emitted by the human body. Since the infrared wavelengths emitted by the human body are not absorbed by the air, the infrared size of the human body is measured irrespective of the environment. Therefore, the temperature of the human body can be accurately detected only by measuring the infrared energy of the human body itself.



The forehead thermometer is simple and fast to adapt, and can accurately measure the temperature in one second. There is no laser spot, and potential damage to the eyes is avoided. It is suitable for home users, hotels, libraries, schools and other densely crowded closed places.

The use of the forehead thermometer

1. Measure body temperature

In the general environment of the epidemic, after the human body is infected with the virus, there will be signs of fever. In order to avoid the spread of the virus, many places will conduct temperature checks on the people entering the venue at the entrance. It can quickly detect the temperature of others, unlike ordinary thermometers that are clamped in the armpit or in the mouth, which is too inefficient and has a certain risk of exposure.

2. Measure the temperature of other items

As long as the temperature of all objects in the world is higher than absolute zero (-273.15°C), the object will emit infrared wave energy to the surrounding space. Of course, the energy and wavelength of this thermal radiation will only be related to the surface temperature of the object. That is to say, this forehead thermometer can simply measure the temperature of items. For example, temperature control may be required when cooking. We can also use the forehead thermometer to detect the temperature in the pot, so as to control the stove and interfere with the temperature of the pot.

3. Liquid temperature measurement

Measure the temperature of liquids. Babies are sensitive to temperature, such as the temperature of the water used to make formula, and the temperature of the baby's bath water. Avoid cold liquids or scalding the baby.






Extremely comfortable use process: The forehead thermometer is streamlined as a whole, conforms to the palm-friendly engineering design, and uses polished medical-grade ABS material.


Good use: measure temperature in one second, fast and accurate. With just one click, the temperature value can be quickly shown. Continuous non-contact multi-person measurement is possible, avoiding contact.



Large screen: With a large LED screen with backlight, data can be easily read at night. Screen display (body surface temperature, body temperature, voice reminder, measured value, battery efficiency, number of stored data)


Accurate: Imported high-precision temperature probe, "U" star probe port, can absorb more radiated infrared light, and the measurement is more accurate. The error is only 0.1°C.


Measurement result reminder: It has three colors of green, yellow and red. It reminds me of the test result. Green means the temperature is normal, and yellow needs to pay attention to the change of temperature. It may be sick. Red means you have a fever and need to go to the hospital.





Keep a forehead thermometer at home, and you can use it to quickly measure the body temperature when you are worried about whether you have a fever.



In today's world, people are paying more and more attention to health issues, and they are also paying more and more attention to the quality of life. A forehead thermometer can be kept at home, because it is not only needed for the epidemic, for example, it can also be used when it is necessary to measure the temperature. It is not known whether the epidemic will return. An accurate and inexpensive forehead thermometer is worth keeping at home for a rainy day.