Noyafa lauchend Affordable Handheld Nona Automatic Water Power Atomizer Sprayer

Posted on: May 23,2022

K50 can be used as Mist Sprayer,Alcohol gun sprayer,Misto sprayer,  Plant sprayer,  Steam gun,Automatic water sprayer  and so on.

Noyafa launches new products K50 and K50pro liquid nebulizers. Built-in dual-core processor, independent boost charging technology

Controls 5000 rpm high pressure air pump and siphon atomizing nozzle. The compressed air forms a high-speed airflow through the small orifice, which generates negative pressure and drives the liquid to be sprayed onto the obstacle. The jetting distance can reach 2.5m (≈3 yards). Equipped with a 380ml container, so that you do not need to replace the liquid tank frequently. When filled with liquid, it is like the weight of 1.5L pure water, no pressure in hand

Among them, the 2600 mAh lithium battery can drive the high-speed motor for a long time, with three different gears


Of course, this is an affordable, widely applicable, lightweight and long battery life.


Scope of application


Alcohol disinfection atomization:

It will be a great helper in situations where disinfection is required. Traditional push-type sprayers are not suitable for long-term disinfection work. When disinfecting at the entrance of the exhibition or when you go home to disinfect your whole body. May require prolonged disinfection

Add alcohol or disinfectant into the container, and spray the disinfectant with a single press. The nano-scale water mist can evenly cover the surface of the object that needs to be disinfected, and will not produce condensed water droplets.



Humidify the designated room to increase the water molecule content in the air. Moisten dry air. The air becomes clear, and it also removes the odor, the smell of smoke. Provides moisture for the skin to absorb and nourishes the skin.

watering plants


Aroma diffuser:

Add some beneficial plant essential oils or medicinal liquids to the container. Clear indoor air and remove odors in the room. , when the mind is messy, spray the prepared liquid, and the fragrance will make you relax, soothe and refresh your mind


Hydrating spray:

Delicate atomized water vapor keeps the skin hydrated, adjusts the skin's water-oil balance to a certain extent, relieves skin pressure, and increases the skin's natural protection function.





l Mode: low, mid, high speed mode can be change

l Working time : Standby for 30 days ,

l High speed mode 1 hour

l Size: 223*192*65 mm, 540g

l liquid capacity : 380 ml

l Working Voltage: DC3.7V

l Battery Capacity: 2600mAh charging

l Input: DC 5V / 1A TYPE-C

l Spray distance : Max 1.5M








K5 pro



l Light: 8 blue light

l Mode: low, mid, high speed mode can be change

l Working time : Standby for 30 days ,

l High speed mode half 1 hour

l Size: 223* 192*65 mm, 374 g

l liquid capacity : 380 ml

l Working Voltage: DC3.7V

l Battery Capacity: 2000mAh charging

l Input: DC 5V / 1A Micro USB



As an easy-to-use atomizer, it can be used after charging and adding liquid, giving you peace of mind. This device solves most of the watering problems in your life, from adding alcohol to sterilizing to watering flowers.


You only need to adjust the gear you need, and then gently hold and pull the trigger, you can atomize the liquid in it, press the adjustment button at the rear, you can switch to low, medium and high-speed modes, which will be in the corresponding The location light reminder, if the battery power is low, there will be a reminder.

Noyafa NF-K5 & NF-K5 Pro is a comprehensive atomizer that is inexpensive but powerful. Specialized for home disinfection, air humidification, plant watering, aromatherapy and so on. Professionals and non-professionals can find corresponding value in it, of course, this is also a must-have product for an affordable home. Although you may not be able to use it now, it will always be useful in the future. Noyafa also offers special customer service along with a one-year warranty.