Noyafa announces NF-AT9 &NF- AT68 portable breathalyzer

Posted on: April 20,2022

Noyafa announces NF-AT9 &NF- AT68 portable breathalyzer 

Noyafa announces the launch of the NF-AT9, NF-AT68 Braethalyzer, it can  use breathalyzer at home, or  use for old man with drink breathalyzer , that equipped sensor adopts direct heating alcohol gas sensor (semiconductor sensor), that can detect the alcohol concentration (0-0.19%BAC, 0-0.95mg/L) in exhaled breath. When you need to test, just turn on the switch, let the detector warm up for 10 seconds, and then blow air for 10 seconds at the mouth to view the results on the LCD screen.

To avoid traffic accidents, take a breathalyzer test for you or your driver friend.

What’s the breathalyzer? 

There are five basic types of equipment that can detect alcohol content in gas, namely: Fuel Cell Sensor, Semiconductor Sensor, Infrared Sensor, Gas Chromatography analysis Sensor, and colorimetric Sensor. However, due to price and ease of use, only two types of fuel cell type and semiconductor type are commonly used.

Compared with the semiconductor type, the fuel cell type breath alcohol tester has the advantages of good stability, high precision and good anti-interference. However, due to the very precise structural requirements of the fuel cell alcohol sensor, the manufacturing difficulty is quite high, and the material cost is high, so the price is quite expensive, which is dozens of times that of the semiconductor alcohol sensor.


View the breathalyzer on the market

BacTrack S80 Breathalyzer : Fuel Cell Sensor, Precision police grade accuracy , recalibration costs $24.99, mouthpiece

Rofeer Portable Breathalyzer : Fuel Cell Sensor,Requires 3 AAA batteries, mouthpiece

JASTEK EK-90 Breathalyzer :  Fuel Cell Sensor,Inaccurate measurement data, mouthpiece


An issue we all need to consider is: the mouthpiece breeds bacteria , and requires constant use of new (mouthpieces cover). The instrument also needs to be cleaned for a short time.

But  NF-AT9 & BF-AT68 Blow as you slide, avoid mouthpieces from breeding bacteria,and

NF-AT9 & BF-AT68 have accurate results at a low price; the sensor uses a direct heating alcohol sensor (semiconductor sensor) and an anti-interference chip, which can accurately detect the alcohol content in the gas and make the device more stable . Equipped with a 150mAh battery and supports Type-c charging mode, it can be used about 300 times on a single charge. LCD Display makes reading data easier.





Precise detection of high-sensing chips

easy to use :10s quick detection

About 300 uses

Blow while sliding , avoid blowpipe breeding of bacteria

Detection indicator

Large LCD screen display







Precise detection of high-sensing chips

easy to use :10s quick detection

About 300 uses

Blow air ,avoid the growth of bacteria in the blowpipe

large LCD screen display



The most important familiarity with the Breathalyzer

Accurate Data

Testing the use of an intoxication meter requires accurate data to ensure that the results of the two tests are consistent. You can test it without drinking alcohol to see if the result is less than 0.00.

Easy To Use

A user-friendly breathalyzer is: uncomplicated steps to use, quick test results, and easy-to-read information on the screen.


It needs to be small in size, portable and have long battery life. If the breathalyzer is very large and  few times battery dead,why do we need to buy it? It can only be a holiday at home.


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       multifunctional cable detector: 802, etc. 

will be listed soon.  

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