Noyafa Announces N30 Best Mini Precise Electric Screwdriver, a Precise Helper

Posted on: August 23,2022

Has 24 screwdrivers at the same time

N30 precise electric screwdriver ,which is a screwdriver for weak current construction. It can easily and quickly install 24 kinds of screws. It is suitable for a variety of different types of scenes. The two directions can be switched at will, and the screws can be installed and removed at will.

There is also an auxiliary LED light on the front, which is very thoughtful. The built-in advanced chip can effectively protect the screw and motor from damage. The magnetic properties of the Hardness precision bits can also hold the screws firmly without falling. Type-C charging interface, long battery life are the advantages of this screwdriver. Of course, the batch head is enriched. I think it would be better to include a storage box.

In our lives, electric screwdrivers can be said to be the most frequently used electric tools. Electric screwdrivers play an irreplaceable role in disassembly and assembly. Usually, even some non-professionals can use them flexibly. It can be said that it is very convenient for us. life.

What are the criteria for judging a good finishing electric screwdriver?

Grip feel

Ergonomic handle for best grip

The ergonomic handle feels the best. At present, most electronic products on the market use nylon + glass fiber as the handle material. On the one hand, the surface of the nylon material can be anti-slip. On the other hand, the handle position is usually close to the motor, and adding glass fiber can improve the heat resistance of the material.

Most manufacturers will tell customers that they use an ergonomically designed handle, which is in line with the state of human holding.


Because in the industrial environment, there will be more oil pollution. Therefore, in order not to affect the work efficiency, it is very necessary to have anti-skid treatment, such as adding grooves to the handle. Increase the coefficient of friction to enhance the anti-skid function

Hardness precision bits

Hardness precision bits are the soul of a screwdriver

There are two criteria for judging the quality of Hardness precision bits

1) Hardness

a. For the service life, choose a material with high hardness, good toughness and wear resistance as the Hardness precision bits material.

b. The coating is hardened to prolong the service life.

 2) Accuracy

That is, the degree of conformity with the size and width of the screw groove

In order to increase the accuracy, it is also a great effort to increase the degree of engagement between the Hardness precision bits and the screw

It is common practice to add friction and bite to the Hardness precision bits coating


Electric screwdrivers on the market today. The voltage can be divided into 3.6v-12v from small to large. The larger the voltage, the larger the torque. usually,

3.6V-7.2V. The corresponding torque is from 1-8 Nm. Commonly found in straight handle and gun straight conversion electric screwdrivers

The torque of 0.9 Nm is not big, but in order to protect the screws, I don't want to manually screw each screw twice to the end.

Ldling Speed

The experience of using different speeds is completely different, 300rpm/m, the screws driven by the fast rotation speed can also be quickly tightened

The clutch protection system precise electric screwdriver

The main purpose of the electric screwdriver of the clutch protection system is suitable for screwing, when the screw is screwed to the end and exceeds the preset torque. The clutch protection system will start to work and the motor will stop running. So as to achieve the function of protecting the screw and protecting the motor. Generally, in low-voltage and low-torque electric screwdrivers, the clutch protection system is not common. In its place is a continuously variable transmission. Control the motor speed by adjusting the force of pressing the switch. To achieve the purpose of protecting the motor and screws. In the electric screwdriver of 10.8V and above, it will start to be equipped with a clutch protection system.

N30 precise electric screwdriver

N30 precise electric screwdriver, with an all-metal shell, not only has a certain aesthetic, but also allows you to fit comfortably. The groove on the shell can prevent you from sweating on your hands, or it is not easy to get oil stains from your hands. slide.

smart protection motor to extend usage time

1).When the motor's forward and reverse mode is in mutual, it will start with 0.1s delay for motor protection.

2).After constantly use 2 minutes the motor will automatically stop and can restart through the button

Newly Upgraded triple toque

Compared with market electric screwdriver set with 0.1N.M, our new motor can easily drill at 0.45-0.6N.M torque and idling speed to 300r/m

LED Shadowless light illuminate every work area

Inner 3 Bright LED lights, there is no difference in light and dark, and directly illuminate the position of the screw. Even in the dark, the progress of the work can be clearly observed, so that the installation and disassembly work can be carried out in an orderly manner.

The large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery ensures that the work can be carried out for a long time, and there is no need to worry that the installation work has not been completed, but the battery has died.

24 powerful magnetic drill bits for common screwdrivers of different diameters, with strong quality and high precision. Wear-resistant material to help you last longer.

Although the small electric screwdriver is very common, how to choose and use it correctly also requires certain knowledge.

Distinguish between home and professional use according to needs. Most electric screwdrivers are designed for professionals. When purchasing, you should distinguish between professional and general home electric screwdrivers. Usually the difference between professional and general household electric batches is in power. Professional electric batches have higher power to facilitate professionals to reduce workload. General household electric batches have relatively small workloads due to small projects. Therefore, The input power of the electric batch does not need to be very large.