Noyafa announces CW-100 Water Leak Detector

Posted on: August 02,2022

Noyafa CW-100 Intelligent Water Leak Detector, it is a very small electronic device, when it detects water leak, it will trigger an alarm to remind you to prevent and control it in time. The water leak alarm is designed with a small detection device, which is installed in the place where water leak needs to be detected. The water leak detector uses the physical properties of water to conduct electricity to achieve detection and alarm. The alarm signal can be transmitted to your mobile phone through the APP. The product is compact and easy to install and use, and it only works with 2 AAA batteries.

When the water leak detector detects that the water level exceeds the standard, it will automatically trigger an alarm and be placed directly on the ground or installed on the wall. When the liquid reaches the detector electrode, the change signal of the electrode immersion resistance value is converted into a current and voltage signal through a special integrated chip. Trigger alarm output wireless transmission signal to the host.

Once this happens, the alarm will sound to remind you to take the appropriate action, so how does the automatic water leak alarm sound from the detection process?


Noyafa CW-100

The water leak automatic alarm system works according to the detection principle of the water leak automatic alarm controller. A dedicated integrated circuit (automatic alarm controller) converts the resistance change value into a current and voltage value, thereby driving the automatic alarm circuit and the relay circuit to activate the automatic alarm. What the system essentially detects is the different loop impedance input from each loop.


The wire group of the induction line, one of which is made of conductive polymer, and its resistance value per unit length is precisely machined and fixed. When the leak occurs, the induction wire is soaked by the leak, and the two conductive polymers are short-circuited, and the measured current value changes. According to Ohm's law, the resistance is related to the length, and the location of the fault leak point can be obtained by measurement. 


The sensing detection cable is a new type of humidity sensitive element made of organic polymer materials. It has a wide range of humidity sensing, rapid response, strong anti-pollution ability, no need for heating and cleaning, and stable and reliable long-term performance. Using high-tech to establish a complete leak-proof detection system in the computer room can better provide a good guarantee for the long-term and stable operation of the computer room. 

 Water leak alarms are often used in homes, communication base stations, precision computer rooms, hotels, restaurants, libraries, warehouses, and other places that need to alarm for water.

When the temperature and humidity in the computer room are required, most of the computer rooms have sophisticated air conditioners, heating and other equipment. Liquid leak sometimes occurs. At the same time, there may also be tap water leak, rainwater intrusion, etc. Large precision air conditioners, air conditioner humidifiers, Water supply pipes, etc. may cause leaks. There are many kinds of equipment in the computer room, and it is generally not suitable for many people to be on duty. Posts and telecommunications, self-provided generator sets, then the oil leak monitoring of the generator room is also a part that cannot be ignored. If any leak in the engine room cannot be detected and eliminated in time, it will not only cause damage to the equipment, but also damage and loss of important data. . The interruption of business will bring more unpredictable serious consequences. The heating and cooling water pipelines are distributed between floors, and the domestic water and fire water are all potential hidden dangers of water leak accidents.

Leaks under the floor and under the floor are more difficult to detect, and various cables, sockets, etc. are generally arranged under the floor. Once the liquid leaks in a large area, it may lead to unpredictable serious consequences. It can timely deal with the leak position under the floor, and generate an alarm to notify the user. At the same time, it can cut off the leak source through the relay output control signal, and effectively eliminate the hidden danger of water leak.



After the detailed introduction in the above article, I already have an understanding of the alarm system for water leak of precision air conditioners. If there is a water leak in the home, the water leak tester will send a message to your mobile phone through the APP and remind you somewhere in the house. If there is water leak, reduce the time of water seepage damage and recover some losses in time.