Noyafa Announces Advanced Portable Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor Blue

Posted on: May 24,2022


The fetal heart rate monitor is mainly an electronic instrument used for fetal heart rate monitoring. And  fetal heart rate monitoring provided by obstetrics and gynecology hospitals. The  most FHR Monitor type in the market is the Doppler technology FHR monitor, and the ultrasound Doppler technology is widely used, and the less ultrasound . No radiation safety monitoring fetal fetal movement is abnormal, according to the fetal heart rate, make corresponding treatment. 


FHR is an important gist to identify fatal health, by recording FHR changes can observe fetal hypoxia,fetal distress and the umbilical cord around the neck, and other symptoms.Fetal domestic monitor test FHR rate changes by listening to fetal heart sound mainly,fetal domestic monitor monitor is a powerful guarantee to improve generational safety.


Fetal heart rate changes most obviously in the below conditions:

1. Smoking

2. Drinking or eating caffeine

3. Baby is sleeping

4. Baby is moving when during the measurement


Who need it?

Suspected or Abnormal fetal movements with Pregnant women


The normal FHR varies with the environment by the uterus. The central nervous system change of FHR is the performance of the normal regulation function .To detect fetal abnormalities as soon as possible,that’s the mission of the FHR monitor . Beforehand  do some effective measures when the fetus has not suffered irreversible damage. So the baby can be successfully delivered in time to avoid some damage that affects its life.


Usage time


12 weeks

Pregnant women under 12 weeks are not recommended to use the home fetal heartbeat for the time being. Of course, if it is prepared in advance, it is also possible to use a home fetal heart rate monitor to listen to the fetal heart sound when the gestational week is older.


16 weeks

And basically all pregnant mothers can identify fetal heart sounds through home fetal heart rate monitor, and some pregnant mothers can already feel fetal movement. At this time, in addition to listening to the fetal heart rate with the home smart fetal heart rate monitor, pregnant mothers can also try to count the fetal movement, and combine the two to evaluate the baby's dynamics.

32 weeks

In general, hospitals do 20-30 minutes of fetal heart rate monitoring at the earliest at about 32 weeks of regular obstetric inspection. The routine health care content of obstetric inspection includes fetal heart rate monitoring.






Safety:Complies with:  GB9706.1-2007

Approximately Size:  4.72 * 3.66*1.22 inch

Weight:   200g (Without Batteries )

Working Temperature :  +5℃ ~ +40℃

Humidity:  25% ~ 90%

Atmospheric Pressure:  50kPa ~ 106kPa

Working Frequency:  2.5 Mhz ±10%

FHR Performances:  60 BPM ~ 210 BPM

Battery status indicator.

Low power inspection.

Built-in speaker

Output for headphones

2.5MHz probe can be connected.

Probe inspection

Volume tonner









 The FHR Monitor can monitor the fetal heart sound, calculate the FHR with heart fetal heart sound or check the LCD display.

When referenced for doctors to insure the health of the fetus,show the record data you take down.


The FHR Monitor can't be repaired by yourself.  The engineers approved must be done All services.

If the unit doesn’t work in the warranty period, we will repair or replace it without charge.