Noyafa Announce New Cheap Thermal Imaging Camera for Android NF-586 & NF- 583

Posted on: July 06,2022

With Smooth Quality Pictures , High resolution, Portable  “Eyes”, Really See Through The Night.

Noyafa announces nf-586 583, which is a pocket-sized camera that can measure the temperature of the invisible heat source (-15℃~600℃), when the phone is inserted into the mobile phone to open the APP to take pictures of the heat source, the screen of the mobile phone with a refresh rate of 25hz will be automatically locked The highest temperature point and the lowest temperature point. Different from other common thermal imagers, NF-583, NF-586 can take photos and videos, and can customize the target to measure the temperature.


Nowadays, for the burden of the volume and image export of ordinary handheld thermal imagers, the external camera of the mobile phone is more convenient to carry, and there is no burden. When an engineer or technician needs to repair the electric box occasionally, the mobile phone has become the standard of everyone's life. The NF-583/NF-586 are smaller than air pods, so it is easy to carry around or put in a tool bag.

There is no more need for a large-scale infrared thermal imager.


For professionals:


Infrared thermal imager plays an irreplaceable role in power detection

Infrared thermal imager has four core advantages of safety, intuitiveness, efficiency, and prevention of missed detection.

Safety: It can be detected at a safe distance from the device, and can be detected directly without contact.

Intuitive: see infrared thermal imaging directly in real time, making problems easier to find

Efficient: high efficiency.

Prevent missed detection: The infrared thermometer can only measure one point, and the infrared thermal imager can intuitively see the thermal image of the surface of the object compared to infrared thermometers.


Using ordinary infrared thermometers can only capture the average temperature of the area under test, the overall temperature distribution, and quickly find high and low temperature points, thereby avoiding missed detection. If you have used an infrared thermometer, you should have a deep understanding. To scan an electrical cabinet with a height of about 1 meter, you need to scan back and forth repeatedly, for fear of missing a certain high temperature and causing potential safety hazards, a few minutes are necessary. With an infrared thermal imager, it can be completed in a few seconds, and the most important thing is that it is clear at a glance and absolutely nothing is missed. The infrared thermal imager has the function of single-point measurement, which can read the temperature point by point according to the pixel arrangement of the thermal imager.


Not only can the target be seen, but the temperature can be measured without touching it. This not only protects the personal safety of the line patrol personnel, but also can successfully complete the work. Portable temperature measuring thermal imager and one that can be directly connected to the mobile phone.




For camping & hunting


Thermal imaging can see through the night, giving people a new way to see the world. In addition, thermal imaging is different from ordinary temperature-measuring mobile phone thermal imaging. it’s sure to meet your needs and assist make your life easier.

If the resolution is too low, the image quality will be clearly felt during the imaging process, which will affect the observation. It assists a visual camera as a "line tracing". Its practical application feels good and is useful for locating suspicious items.









Outdoor camping safety is the most important! Spot Potential Hazards with Cell Phone Thermal Imagers


What is the most important thing about outdoor camping? Safety comes first. The wild environment is often complex, not only may you encounter wild animals such as mosquitoes, poisonous snakes, but also people may get lost or lost, and it is difficult to find the target by conventional search methods in the tree-covered and dark environment. Using the mobile phone thermal imaging device, you can observe the surrounding environment of the camp in advance and discover potential dangers around you, and can quickly find hot targets through the occlusion of vegetation and darkness, which greatly improves the search efficiency.

Very useful in the wild. Now go out camping, no matter where you go, you will bring your mobile phone thermal imaging night vision device with you.


For daily life

It can help you when renovating a new house, it can be used to detect whether the doors and windows are well ventilated, as well as the daily repair work of the home, due to its night vision function, it can be used for safety detection and finding heat leaks. Moisture can cause many problems. Water can seep into a small crack and then become trapped in an impermeable building material. Infrared can quickly find damp spots in walls or ceilings.



High Quality Imaging Advanced and in-depth graphics by the powerful gadget. Equip 160*120 Resolution and  3.2mm Lens, Frequency 25hz ,Makes the shoots more depth.

AdvancedArrayResponse Wave 8-14μm and Temperature range from -15℃ to 600℃, enough to deal with most targets emitting invisible infrared radiation.  plug in your phone and work immediately.

Free App Photo & Video, target temperature measurement,Support automatic temperature tracking,6 color palettes and more.Custom preference features. Personalize your personal usage habits.

Measurement unit℃/℉/K. as you required,switch to a preferred unit.

vest-pocketSize: 34mm*26.5mm*15mm, load, pull it out of your pocket to capture and observe the temperature change of the object in real time.







High Quality Imaging Advanced and in-deep graphics often come from powerful hardware .Equip 256*192 Resolution and  3.2mm Lens, Frequency 25hz ,Makes the shoots more depth.

56° Field of ViewGet a wider field of view and quickly row large areas all over again

 【Diversified UseTemperature range -15℃~600℃. It works in a lot of scenarios, when you need to check out a target, plug in your phone and work immediately .

Free App Photo & Video Support automatic temperature tracking, dimension range adjustment, target temperature measurement, six color palettes

Measurement unit℃/℉/K. Customize the preferred measurement unit according to your habits.

vest-pocketSize: 34mm*26.5mm*15mm, 19g.The gadget carry anywhere anytime you want.

Infrared thermal imaging mobile phones can also be anti-monitoring and anti-candid photography. As a kind of very important detection tool, thermal imaging cameras play a self-evident role in solving the invisible heating problem that cannot be detected by ordinary tools but can lead to huge losses. Plug in the camera to check every corner of the room through the thermal imaging function, so as to determine whether your privacy is being spied on.


Now for ordinary infrared thermal imagers, NF-583/NF-586 Compact-All-Purpose Thermal Imaging Camera is more suitable for use at home, the jobsite, after all, no one wants to carry a large device and deal with it everywhere.

Thermal Imaging Camera, a mobile phone accessory, can easily handle the challenges you face.



The price is low but the function is powerful, it can not only record the external characteristics of the photos you take, but also observe the temperature changes of the same target (scene) in real time. Directly read the temperature of the target for further custom adjustments.