New Arrived Wearable Camera A -18 NOYAFA

Posted on: April 02,2022

The Wearable Camera Quickly, Truly & Accurately Records Emergencies.

  NOYAFA announces  A18 ,a portable back clip camera that can shoot 1080p.When we need to record, just press the switch to shoot immediately. That avoids the cumbersome unlocking and opening of the camera function of the phone.Working long time with 1000 mAh battery.It’s can be used at property security, meeting minutes, traffic law enforcement, railway inspections, dispute records, quality inspections, urban management law enforcement, and electrical inspections.

 A18 Advantage:

  A18 integrated CMOS image sensor, set of 3.3V power supply,low energy consumption.Spectral response range from 0.4 to 1.1um,range is 5 to 6 times higher than that of visible light in the near-infrared range, so infrared light-emitting diodes are used as lighting sources for lighting at night.

  USB interface,linked computer can be used as a normal camera for the computer recording.

  1000mAh lithium battery,Combined with the low power consumption CMOS sensor, it can work for about 6 hours.

  TF card,Equipped with a memory card interface, convenient  to read the impact data.power off autosave.

   The mainstream wearable cameras on the market include Insta 360 Go 1080P, GoPro HERO 9 Black, SereneLife, Clip-on Wearable Camera, Mofily YoCam, Spectacles 2, DJI Os but they are all expensive.

   NOYAFA cameras are cheap and affordable products: 1080pHD camera,1000mAh,

Large aperture,Back clip,3 power supply,Power off autosave,Used as a webcam,Motion detection.


Choose NOYAFA A -18 to make all your outdoor adventures or record presentations and lectures (of course, with permission) using one of these high-tech, portable cameras.  many can record HD video and high-quality audio, and most can take still photos, as you like.

    NOYAFA is a company that provides safe, reliable, convenient and affordable professional network tools. From installation to detection, it is impeccable. NOYAFA products provide solutions for 30 million users around the world. Blended solid, stable security, affordable prices, and great performance. Recognized by the users, we will build an unsinkable Noah's Ark with love.

Upcoming New Products:


       Wall Testing Instruments: 518S

       multifunctional cable detector: 802, etc. 

will be listed soon.  

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