An Ideal Cable Tester Alternative That Is Lower-Priced But More Powerful

Posted on: May 23,2022

A cable tester is an important tool used by people in the electronics industry to help ensure that cables are properly wired and of the highest quality possible. However, it’s not something that home or business owners need to use on a daily basis. 

As such, it can be useful to find an alternative that can save you money while still providing your business with powerful results when it comes to cable testing. This article will give you tips on how to choose the ideal cable tester alternative that’s lower-priced but more powerful than what you’d get with a traditional cable tester.

Noyafa and Ideal: A Clear Comparison

When it comes to cable testers, there are two major brands that dominate—Ideal and Noyafa. While you can still buy Ideal Tools cable testers at a professional electronics supplier or electrical supplier, their prices have been trending upwards for years. As of 2018, an Ideal cable tester will cost you anywhere from $200-$250 USD. 

By contrast, Noyafa’s prices are about half of what you’ll pay for an Ideal brand name product—and they offer comparable features. So why bother with an expensive option like Ideal when Noyafa offers better prices? If price is your main consideration, then we think Noyafa’s are worth considering.

As far as build quality goes, both brands make durable products. The only difference is that Noyafa uses metal housing instead of plastic housing found on some models made by Ideal. However, in our experience testing these devices over many years, we’ve never seen any significant differences in durability between devices made by either company. 

If you look closely, you will see that both of these companies use durable plastic material for their casings. So it would make sense that these devices are more durable than others because they can't break as easily when handling them or during wear and tear.

Since both companies use nearly identical equipment inside each unit—including micro chipsets. We didn't notice any differences in accuracy between similar products from either company.


The Noyafa tester complies with the US standards. The most outstanding feature of the tester is its price and performance ratio. It is the best choice for the users who want to test cables on a low budget and still be satisfied with their quality. 

The Noyafa cable tester is easy to use and very reliable, it has been selling well in China market since its release. We sincerely hope that more buyers could get more benefits from our cable testers when they are shopping for a cable tester. 

Noyafa's goal is to provide high-quality products at affordable prices so that every technician can own one without breaking their budgets. Our company is proud to announce we have received lots of positive feedback about our products, such as the most professional cable tester manufacturer, the highest quality product at the lowest price, etc.

With years of expertise in electronics, Noyafa continues to make new and innovative products that satisfy customer needs. A cable tester is an essential tool for any IT technician or anyone working with network cabling. Although these devices aren’t expensive, choosing an appropriate model isn’t easy because there are many models available on today’s market. 


Although they’re reliable and high-quality cable testers, Ideal Tools are expensive. This means many companies avoid getting them altogether. However, ideal Tools aren’t your only cable tester option. 

Noyafa is a cost-effective alternative to premium models that also provides quality cable testing. When you’re on a budget or simply not looking for an expensive tool, Noyafa can help you reach your goals with fewer limitations than pricier models. Plus, with Noyafa one year warranty, you can rest assured that it will last as long as any other cable tester on the market.

If you are in search of a cable tester but are not keen on splurging to afford one, take a look at Noyafa cable testers. As compared to expensive counterparts like Fluke and Klein Tools, these are good for electrical repair and field technicians. In addition to reliability and power, they have decent durability and affordability. 

It’s a universal truth that cable testers are expensive. Even if you were to buy an entry-level cable tester, you would spend a few hundred dollars at least. At that point, it makes more sense to just go out and purchase new cables—but is that really what you want to do? 

Instead of wasting money on new cables, try Noyafa testers first. They’re completely affordable and super powerful—two things that can make your life much easier. 

Noyafa NF-810 and Ideal VDV MULTIMEDIA WIREMAPPER AND TESTER: A Detailed Product Comparison

Which is Better? The market for cable testers is vast with many manufacturers and models to choose from. While several good options are available, both Ideal and Noyafa have strong contenders. However, which is better—the NF-810 or Ideal VDV Multimedia Tester? There are some key differences between these two testers but also a few things they have in common. Let’s break it down.

Noyafa NF-810

The ideal cable tester alternative is here. Even if you don’t have the fortune to spend on one of those professional-grade cable testers, you can get a great piece of equipment that will allow you to do pretty much everything they can do. The Noyafa NF-810 works with a variety of cables and wires (even non-shielded ones), and it displays messages like short or open to help diagnose issues. 

It even has an alarm mode to let you know about errors—even when you aren’t looking at it. Don’t waste your money on something overpriced when there are cheaper alternatives available. Save yourself some cash and buy a Noyafa NF-810 instead. 

A+ Certification: Because its portability makes it easier to take around your home or office, we think a cable tester like Noyafa NF-810 would be perfect for A+ certification students. You could use it to make sure all of your wires are in good shape before doing anything else in the class. 

What's more, A+ certification isn't easy and often requires hours upon hours of studying—and that means plenty of opportunities to practice using a device like Noyafa NF-810 along the way. This little tool can make big things happen for aspiring IT professionals. 

And since getting certified just might lead you down the path toward becoming an IT manager someday, making sure every wire in your office is working properly could come in handy as well.


  • Multi-Function Testing Mode

  • PoE Switch Testing

  • LED Lighting

  • Wire Tracing

  • Telephone Line Status Detection


As a visual, easy-to-use tool, the 33-856 VDV Tester gives you peace of mind by letting you know when something has gone wrong. This tester offers you complete coverage for testing low voltage and data communication cables - from Ethernet RJ-45s to video coaxes. 

You'll be able to see if your wires are crossed or if they're completely missing with just one easy push on this handy tool. A green PASS light means everything's good; but beware - with a red ERROR, it might be time to call in professional help.

The Ideal VDV MULTIMEDIA WIREMAPPER AND TESTER tester offers many of cable testing’s most vital functions but it is more overpriced than some of its competitors. This tester is perfect for finding out if there are any cabling issues and also provides a tone generator to identify the cable being tested.


The Ideal VDV MULTIMEDIA tester allows you to detect short circuits, opens, and miswires as well as pairs with twisted wires—features more expensive models often have. The tool also has various adapters for use with RJ45 connectors on just about any type of network. It's only a real downside? However, if you're looking for a powerful tool at an affordable price, it may be not for you.


  • Cable Mapper technology can verify cable continuity in voice, data, and video applications.

  • Identifies errors by pinning shorts, opening incorrectly, reversing wires, and splitting pairs

  • For all of your cable-related needs

  • Designed to handle Cat 3, 5, 5e, 6, and 6a cables, RG59/6 or quad cables

  • With four different options for tone, the Tone Generator will meet your needs!

The Bottom Line

The Noyafa NF-810 is an ideal cable tester alternative that is lower-priced but more powerful. Designed for ease of use, both professionals and nonprofessionals alike can find value in its price point, especially when compared to pricier options on the market. Noyafa also offers excellent customer service and one year warranty for buyers who want peace of mind with their purchase. If you’re looking for a low-cost yet effective cable tester, then you will love what you get from NF-810.