EXPO COMM is the global series of ICT exhibitions and conferences covering telecommunications, broadband, wireless 3G/4G, unified communications, cloud platforms, mobile, network infrastructure and engineering, and long term evolution.EXPO COMM events have achieved worldwide recognition as one of the most successful business-to-business marketing mediums, attracting high quality buyers and addressing the needs of ICT professionals across Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

EXPO COMM is where global technology providers meet to present business strategies and technology solutions to decision makers from large and small purchasing entities including national governments, businesses and enterprise groups, academia, research institutions, as well as a wide array of companies and organizations seeking cutting edge ICT innovation.

The series originated over 30 years ago in China and has expanded to include a portfolio of events in Japan, South Korea, Russia, Mexico, and Indonesia. These events showcase transforming ICT products and services which have expanded the ways in which we interact. The EXPO COMM series collectively draws more than 750,000 attendees worldwide to the events each year. With a proven historic record of success, the EXPO COMM series attracts global industry leaders and technology professionals to EXPO COMM events from around the world.


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