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Cable Material Tester

product model:NF-309
Item Specifics:
*Brand Name:Noyafa
*Place of Origin:Shenzhen.China
*Main Function:Test Track and Measure Length of Network Cable
*Display:LCD screen
*Tracking Type: 
*Testing type: 
*Warranty:1 Year


1. Network cable and Coaxial cable continuity test.

2. Trace network, telephone and coaxial cable.
3. Measuring the network and coaxial cable length and breakpoint

    Length measuring accuracy is more than 98% and 2000meters. 

4. Measure the cable material for cat5, cat6 & non-standard lan cable.

5. Test cable resistance connect with the remote unit.

6. Measure the distance that a cable can provide PoE.

7. POE function :identify which pins provide the power.

8. LED lights assist use in dark enviroment while cable scanning.

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