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Low Voltage Wire Tracker

product model:NF-817
Item Specifics:
Is_customized: Yes
Brand Name: Noyafa
Model Number: NF-817
Place of Origin: Shenzhen.China
Main Function:trace RJ11 RJ45 cables 
Connector: RJ45 RJ11
Power:  9V DC power bettery.
Others: Polarity identify
Warranty: 1 year

 Main features:

1. Detect cable location in underground or other invisible cable, the range is 50cm.

2. Signal sensitivity for transmitter and receiver is adjustable. (0-50cm).

3. Trace cable without current interference.

4. Capable trace cable, such as single conductors, 2-core or multi-core cable.

5. Check polarity and short curcuit.


1. Earphone helps work in noisy environment.

2. Low battery indicator function.

3. Convenient battery access. 

 Accessories Included:

Charging adaptor   x 1pc

USB charging cable  x 1pc

9V battary x 1pc

Earphone x 1pc

Manual x 1pc

Carry bag x 1pc

Color box x 1pc

 Technical Indexes:

NF-817 Transmitter specification
Cable lead RJ11 adaptorRed & black alligator clip
Polarity testing Polar led (turn red / green)
Cable type RJ11single conductor
Tone signal Dual-frequrency
Signal intensity Adjustable
Max signal Vp-p 18V±1V
Detect depth range 50cm
Max transmission range 1000m
Power supply Lithium battery   3.7V 1800mAh
Low voltage for battery 3.6V±0.2V
Max working current 130 mA
Dimension 152*55*34mm
NF-817 Receiver specification
Signal intensity Adjustable
Singal display 6 leds
Anti-current ability Yes
Power supply 9V battery
Low voltage for battery 6.5V±1V
Max working current 100mA
Dimension 200*45*28mm

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