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Low Voltage Wire Tracker

product model:NF-819
Item Specifics:
Brand Name:Noyafa
Model Number:NF-819
Place of Origin:Shenzhen.China
Main function:Locate the wire towards with low voltage
Depth range: 2m
Length range: 20km 
Power Supply for receiver:9V Battery
Power Supply for transmitter:3.7V lithium battery
Warranty:1 Year

 Main functions:

1. Locate the wire towards which is electrically neutral or under 48V low voltage.                  

2. Easy to track with complete AC Interference Rejection                       

3. The detection range is 2m deep and cable length 20km.                      

4. Amplifier probe signal has a light intensity and power light color to remind.                       

5. The target cable is under the floor slab, the ceiling or in the wall are not affected to be hunted.                        

6. The transmitting and receiving power can be adjust according to the actual situation.                      

7. The emitter with large capacity lithium battery, can be used rechargeable.

 Function description:

* Locate the underground cable route and towards.                       

* Tone Generator signal strength can be adjusted from (0 ~ 2m).                           

* Used on single conductors, twisted pairs, telephone cable and de-energized electrical wiring                          

* Low battery display.                       

* Polarity checking.                        

* The emitter with charging mode.

 Technical indexes:

NF-819Transmitter specifications
Max. distance of transmission 20km
Max. working current 40mA-50mmA±10%
Volume Regulate Function Audio volume level control
Signal detect deep 0-2m
Charge voltage 800mA
Max. signal voltage 8Vp-p
Voltage indicate low 3.4v LED will flash
Battery Type DC 3.7V
Dimensions (LxWxD) 152 x 55 x 34mm
NF-819 Receiver specifications
Power supply DC9.0VNEDA 1604/6F22) x 1pc
Max. working current 40mA-50mmA±10%
Voltage indicate low 6V LED will flash
Work temperature 10-+50
Work humidity 30%-60%
Dimensions (LxWxD) 252x 45 x 28mm


Tone Generator                x 1pcs

Amplifier probe                x 1pcs

9V battery                        x 1pcs

5V 1A Charger                  x 1pcs

USB Charger cable            x 1pcs

Earphone                          x 1pcs

Manual                             x 1pcs

Carry case                         x 1pcs

Color box                          x 1pcs

 Applied range                 

* The cable wiring, weak current system of integrated wiring circuit.                    

* Communication cabling, home decoration system.                       

* The telephone system, computer network and other metal conductor  fields.                           

* Installation and maintenance of utility.

 Standard carton:  

Carton size : 55x35x50cm       

Quantity: 30pcs/carton  

Weight: 15.3KG
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