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Laser distance meter-40m

product model:NF-2140
Item Specifics:
Is_customized: Yes
Brand Name: Noyafa
Model Number: NF-2140
Place of Origin: Shenzhen.China
Max distance:40m
Measuring errors : 1 mm
Warranty: 1Year


1. Single measurement of distance,then the measured results will display on the Screen.                                                                   

2. Continuous Measurement.                                                                 

3. Area measurement.

4. Volume measurement.

5. Pythagorean proposition indirect measurement. 

 Technical indexes:

Measurement distance  40m
Measurement precision  +/-1mm
Unit options  m/in/ft
Test time  0.1-3s
Laser type  II & 635nm &<1mw
Automated calibration precision  v
Continuous measurement   v
Area measurement   v
Volume measurement  v
Pythagorean measurement  v
Add and subtract measurement  v (Length&Area&Volume)
Max&Min value  v
Data storage  v
Signal indicator  v
Power indicator  v
Auto power off  6s
Backlight display  v
Key tone  v
Lofting function  v
The level of bubble  v
The type&life of battery  1.5V*2*AAA, 15000 times
Working temperature  0~40
Storage temperature  -25~60
Dimension  108*51*31mm
Weight  88g


It may appear as bellow message when using the instrument:

 Code  Reasons  solutions
 BL  Low voltage  Change battery
 TL   Low temperature  Equipment heating
 TH   High temperature  Equipment cooling
 DH  Data overflow  Remeasure
 SL   Weak signal  Test strong reflection ability of target
 SH  Strong signal  Test weak reflection ability of target
 HF  Hardware error

 Restart, please contact the dealer when

 try that fail

 Accessories Included:

Laser distance meter master           x 1unit

Instrument portable bag                x 1pcs

Holding rope                                x 1pcs

AAA battery                                x 2set

Manual                                        x 1copy

Gift box                                       x 1set

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