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GPS Land meter

product model:NF-198
Item Specifics:
Is_customized: Yes
Brand Name: Noyafa
Model Number: NF-198
Place of Origin: Shenzhen.China
Detect range:0-999999.9 meter
Color: Blue+ Gray
Measuring errors : 1-3 meter
Power supply:3.7V Lithium battery required
Warranty: 1 Year

 Main Features:
1.Measure area and length of any shape (containing mountainous land, slope and flat field).
2.Can display measuring value, figure track and automatically calculate price after measurement.
3.Vehicle-carrier measurement, distance can be adjusted according to needs.
4.Test data , Graphics trajectory can be exported for printing. 
5.Applicable google map shows real graphics trajectory
6.2.8 inch large color screen that makes more clear and visually.
7.Efficient startup: 30sec for cold boot,  3sec for warm boot. 
8.2 pcs of 3.7V/ 2000mAh batteries included


1. Can save and export 99 historical data and figure track.

2. Low battery reminder and auto-off time adjustable.

3. Measure barometric pressure

4. Analysis of satellite signal

5. currency detection, lighting and background light and canlender

6. Unit and unit price can be set up

 Type  Functions  NF-178  NF-188  NF-198
 hardware  performance  Satellite system  GPS single-star   The Dipper+GPS double-  star   The Dipper+GPS double-  star 
 Positioning accuracy  1m  0.5m  0.5m
 Main functions  Display Area/length trajectory  Area&length trajectory  Area&length trajectory
 Area accuracy  97%  98%  99%
 Testing type  flat ground  flat ground,slope  flat ground,slope,latitude
 Testing mode  Testing mode  Manual/Auto  Manual/Auto  Manual/Auto/Vehicle
 additional function
 currency detection /    lighting /canlender  OK  OK  OK
 Mu setting
 OK   OK
 Unit/unit price setting  OK  OK  OK
 Strengthen function  satellite signal analysis
 barometric pressure

  Vehicle setting

 Power supply  LCD screen   2.2 inch black-white  screen  2.8 inch color screen  2.8 inch color screen
 Power   lithium battery 3.7V  1000mA  lithium battery 3.7V  2000mA  lithium battery 3.7V  2000mA

 Weight(with battery)

 Other indexes  working temperature  一10-+50
 working humidity  30%-70%

                            NF-198 User Manual

GM-198 PC Installation software down

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