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Underground Wire Locator

product model:NF-816 Blue
Item Specifics:
* Is_customized : Yes
* Brand Name : Noyafa
* Model Number : NF-816
* Place of Origin : Shenzhen.China
* Tracing type:  Underground, Buried wires and Other Hidden wires
* Length range:up to 1000 feet
* Depth range: up to 3 feet
* Power : 9V Alkaline battery
* Certificates: CE
* Warranty : 1 Year

 Main functions:

1. Trace and locate non-energized underground , in-wall wires and other hidden wires;                                            
2. Enables cables to be located before drilling ;    
3. Determining which receptacles are on specific circuits.                                                                       

4. The detection range is 3 feet and cable length 1000 feet.                                                                                          
5. Widely applied in Pet fence and irrigation. 
6. White LED Flash Light.


1.Don't connect high voltage live lines to avoid buring out the machine.

2. Read the user manual before use it.

 Standard carton:
*Carton size: 51x33x51cm
*Quantity: 40pcs/ctn
*Weight: 18.0kg
 Technical indexes: 
 NF-816 Transmitter specifications
 Tone frequency  200kHz
 The Max length distance  1000 feet
 The Max depth distance  3 feet
 The Max. working current  Less than 70mA
 Tone mode  1 Tone
 Max. signal voltage  15Vp-p
 Signal display  Signal tone, Antenna
 Battery type  DC9.0V(NEDA 1604/6F22) x 1pc 
 Dimensions (LxWxD)  49 x 135 x 33mm
 NF-816 Receiver specifications
 Frequency  200kHz
 The Max. working current  Less than 70mA
 Earphone jack  1
 Battery type  DC9.0V(NEDA 1604/6F22) x 1pc 
 Dimensions (LxWxD)  43 x 168 x 27mm


         NF-816 User Manual                             NF-816 Video           NF-816 CE Certification

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