Germany CeBIT Hannover information and Communication Technology Exposition 2014

CeBIT is the world's largest ICT top international event, a comprehensive display of the digital IT, home and office communication solution in the field of innovation, the main target group is derived from the industrial, wholesale and retail, trade, banking, services, government agencies, scientific research units of the user and all technology enthusiasts. Since 1986, CeBIT in the spring of the year by the German Hannover exhibition company held, for the release of the latest industry trends and network results and showcase innovative technology products and provide an excellent international platform.

In March 12, 1986, the first CeBIT usher 2142 exhibitors in the exhibition area of 200000 square A total of 334400 people visited the meters to display their CeBIT, this is a very good place to latest products, systems start. By virtue of the Hannover and services. exhibition companies continuously upgrade the exhibition concept, CeBIT soon in the exhibition industry in the market has maintained a strong a place to live in. CeBIT to display the main product classification is clear with each passing day, exhibitors can also enjoy more pavilions and greater booth.

Early CeBIT Chinese brand to the audience always joined, along with the global economy, China has become the world exhibition force is the most important part of. This year CeBIT2012 total number of exhibitors about more than 4000 Chinese exhibitors, of which more than over 500, accounted for the overall proportion of 1 / 4. We are behind the scenes from the assembly .


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